It Works Commission

It Works Commission FAQ

How We are Paid


We are paid three ways:

  1. Selling any product we have on hand for about twice what we pay.
  2. Earning an It Works commission paycheck for all sales made through our websites.
  3. Earning bonuses for helping new distributors start their businesses as well as building successful teams. We also get free product and $25 boxes of wraps as bonuses.

To get a It Works Commission paycheck every month, you either need to run an 80 bv autoship every month or reach 150 pbv (about 3 average sales) in personal sales through your website. The autoship is GUARANTEED. It is a no-brainer. Setting it up means you will get paid. Counting on hitting 150 is stressful and a customer could return product, which means you will not get paid.

You will know you have a paycheck because you will receive an email. If it is less than $23, you will not get a check, but that amount will carry over to next month.


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Pay Disclosure

How much do I sell on hand products for?

You can sell wraps for $25-$35 or facials for $20-$30. You can sell any other products you have on hand for RETAIL price. NOT loyal customer price - this makes you extra money! Sell items to friends or family or at parties. Your goal at a party is to get people to sign as loyals or distributors. That is how you make residual income (income that you are paid over and over and over again).

You get $120 in free product if you sign up 4 LCs in your first 30 days. You get an Applicator Reward for EVERY two LCs you get. That means that every time you get two LCs, you can buy a box of wraps for only $25.


When do I get paid?

On the 15th of every month, you receive an It Works commission check for all orders placed through your website between the 1st and last day of the month before. And all orders that any distributors under you sell. Commission checks are roughly 10% to 15% of the group volume of your top two rows of distributors. That number varies as you go up or down in rank. It’s important to understand you will be paid that commission for three months if you have an LC on autoship (so a one-time sale usually means three months of commissions because people buy with us for at least three months!) You are paid commissions on the 15th of the month on all the volume you had the month before (from the 1st to the 31st).


How do I get paid my It Works Commission?

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A PAYONEER account. Either sign up for the It Works debit card or have the money transferred to your bank. You will not receive a commission check if you fail to run your AutoShip between the first and the 25th of EVERY month or reach 150 PBV between the first and the last day of EVERY month. The 24th day of the month is the last day to set up your AutoShip if it is not already set up. **I highly recommend that people run their AutoShips between the first and the 15th of the month in case there is a problem.


When do I get my bonus?

Bonuses of $100 are paid on Fridays after a distributor enrolled by you gets fast start qualified. This is a one time $100 bonus. They get fast start qualified by getting two loyal customers in their first 30 days and running their first 30 day AutoShip. So to summarize: run your first AutoShip for 80 bv exactly 30 days after you enroll. For example, if you enroll on Feb. 2, it needs to run March 2 for 80 bv or higher. If you are worried you have not set this up correctly, contact your enroller or call customer service. **You will see a little checkmark next to the commission qualified box once your AutoShip runs correctly for the month. Or once you reach 150 PBV. After your first AutoShip run successfully, make sure to move it so that it runs every month afterwards between the first and the 15th of the month. That way, if there is a problem, such as a credit card decline, you’ll have time to fix it.


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What is BV?  What is PBV and what is GBV?

BV = bonus volume of each product. Each product has a BV associated to it.  It is not always the same as the price. For example, wraps cost $59 and are 54 bv. BV is an internal currency that we use to determine commissions and bonus qualifications.

PBV = personal volume. This is the BV of your autoships and all your customers orders.

GBV = your personal volume plus the personal volume of any distributors under you.


If you are a distributor and elect to not be on the 80 bv autoship, there are some bonuses you will be missing out on if your PBV is not greater than 150 your first month.

  • You will not be eligible for $120 product credit bonus when you enroll 4 loyal customers within 30 days.
  • You are not qualified for fast start bonuses. What this means is that if you enroll a qualified distributor and they get two loyals within 30 days, you will miss out on the $100 fast start bonus.
  • You may not have product when someone wants to try it and if you don’t have product, it is difficult to respond to the leads that want to buy a wrap from you.

There is no obligation to stay on this It Works distributor autoship if after the first month you decide this is not for you, but to start I always recommend enrolling in it.

80 bv Autoship Options

A very common autoship for new distributors is 2 boxes of wraps ($118.00 BV 108) While the wrap is our anchor product and the number one reason why people contact us, there is so much more to It Works than just the body applicator.  I put together a few product combinations that will qualify you for commissions while adding a nice assortment to your product inventory. They are all 80 bv or more.

Regular $27.00 
Greens $28.00
Confianza $25.00
SubTotal $80.00 BV 80

Facial Applicator $49.00
Defining Gel $45.00
SubTotal $94.00 BV 89

Skinny Pack $109.00
SubTotal $109 BV 80

RepairAge $39.00
Facial Applicator $49.00
SubTotal $88.00 BV 88

RepairAge $39.00
Toner/Cleanser Package $48.00
Greens On the Go $33.00
SubTotal $120.00 BV 105

Greens On the Go $33.00
It’s Vital $29.00
Fat Fighter $23.00
SubTotal $85.00 BV 80

Ultimate ThermoFit $39.00
Ultimate ProFIT (VAN/CHOC) $69.00
SubTotal $108 BV 87

Food for thought:

  • Did you know your business is willable to your children or someone else?
  • Did you know you can sell your business to someone else? You are one of the first 200,000 to join the company (depending on when you are reading this). If you think your spot won’t be very valuable in the future, you’re wrong!
  • If you ever CANCEL your account, you give up all these rights. No transferring it in a will, no selling your business, no future paychecks. Nothing. You give up all rights to that valuable spot you have secured for yourself.

How to Become an It Works Distributor - The Facts

In order to become an It Works Distributor there is a One-Time Enrollment Fee of $99. 

Become an It Works Distributor How to and FAQYou Get Your $99  Enrollment Kit which Includes:

  • A full box of It Works! Ultimate Body Applicators (4 Wraps to a box so in essence you are getting them FREE just for signing up). 
  • 4 small bottles of Defining gel
  • Fab Wrap sample
  • It Works Global Marketing Materials, Order Forms, Cards and Handouts.
  • An official It Works Tool Kit to keep all of your materials organized.
  • Your own Website (e-Store) and eSuite FREE for 30 Days ($20 per Month after) This is an optional fee but highly recommended for your business.


Once you pay the $99 there are no other required fees or cancellation fees. During sign up you are prompted to Set-Up your Personal $80 (or more) Autoship for Products for Yourself. These can be ANY Products you desire + you will love them all - BUT it is not required and can be skipped. You really can start this business for only $99  and start your own personal weight loss journey!!

You Can Start Earning Money your first month!

  • Plus 15% Commission on the Products of Your Customers (Retail or Loyal Customer)
  • Plus More and More Bonuses and Commissions as You Grow Your Business
  • With Every TWO Loyal Customers You Sign-Up, You Can Purchase a Box of Ultimate Body Applicators for $25 (less than half off!).  Use them for yourself or sell at Retail for a Profit!
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