What is It?

The It Works body wrap aka Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth that is infused with our incredible combination of ingredients that aid in tightening, toning and firming.  It is a first to market product and can only be sold through an independent distributor.  Use caution when purchasing from sites such as Ebay or Amazon since there is no way to make sure you are getting genuine fresh products.

How Do You Use It?

Simply remove the applicator from the package and apply to clean skin.  Use saran wrap or a tight garment to keep it in place for 45 minutes.  After 45 minutes you can remove it and throw it away.  You can apply the applicator to your legs, arms, buttocks, chin, tummy, back and breasts. Yes it works on breasts too!  We recommend taking before pictures so you can track your results.

How Does the It Works Body Applicator Wraps Work?

How Does the It Works Body Applicator Wraps Work?

How Does the It Works Body Applicator Wraps Work?

This is the number one question I get asked. While my answer is usually much shorter than what you see below I thought I would elaborate after listening to a very detailed and informative call with Dr. Don VerHulst, M.D. (Dr. Don) where he gives a lengthy answer and discussion to this question.

So who is Dr. Don?

It Works Chief Science Officer Dr. Don VerHulst

It Works Chief Science Officer Dr. Don VerHulst

Dr. Don is a renowned doctor and author, who has spent over 20 years in the field studying and practicing the uses of natural alternatives and the effects of nutrition. As the Chief Science Officer for It Works Marketing, Dr. Don emphasizes that natural, alternative remedies can accomplish almost everything nutriceutically as traditional medicine can do pharmaceutically. Though originally trained as a traditional MD, after his completion of medical school Dr. Don chose to pursue the benefits of nutrient-based medicine over conventional pharmaceuticals. Dr. Don and It Works! products focus on giving the body what it needs to stay healthy naturally. He sustains his work in the philosophy of providing nutritionally valuable, concentrated, good foods for the skin and body.

After experimenting on himself, his family, and others, Dr. Don concluded that natural alternatives not only worked as well, but occasionally even better than pharmaceuticals. His discovery propelled his research and shattered the boundaries of possibility within the realm of natural medicine. Now collaborating with top scientists and formulators, Dr. Don ensures that through the Ultimate Body Applicator’s active ingredients, abundant with natural substances, users will look better, feel better, strengthen the immune system and feel overall rejuvenated. ork

Introduced to It Works! through exhilarated user testimonies, Dr. Don was drawn in to the Ultimate Body Applicator. Then, solely presenting the company’s nutritional products, Dr. Don was more than highly skeptical of the applicator’s true abilities. As a scientist, he viewed the product as a mere “gimmick”…yet his views were drastically transformed.

Dr. Don first experienced the Ultimate Body Applicator with a typical abdomen application. Within 45 minutes, he did indeed see a result around his abdomen! Astonished with the immediate results, Dr. Don dug into the applicator’s ingredients – finding more importantly: the amazing health benefits for the skin. Described as the skin’s “fountain of youth,” the applicator provides the ability to feed the skin the nutrients required to facilitate the natural processes of skin renewal. The applicator ingredients allows skin turnover to not only occur uninterrupted, but also enhance and speed up the process.


So What if you Don’t SEE an Instant Result After the First Use or Continued Use?

There is no need for worry; it is natural that results vary and some users may encounter a plateau along their journey. In order to sensitize the body and obtain the maximum benefit of the Ultimate Body Applicator, Dr. Don recommends that you stop applicator usage for 1-2 weeks before returning back to regular use. However, be assured that regardless of visual results, you are giving nutrient-packed food to the body helping to decrease local inflammation and renew the skin. In fact, Dr. Don emphasizes that the applicator’s nutritional value is so advantageous for skin rejuvenation, that even if its ingredients did not assist toning, firming, and tightening, the numerous health benefits would remain triumphant over vanity benefits. To experience more efficient, increased skin effects, it is also recommended that the applicator is applied directly onto the skin.

An Optimistic Attitude Can Benefit You

The most important thing to remember is that the Ultimate Body Applicator is simultaneously beneficial as a health and vanity product. It Works wants our customers to “love the way the applicator feels on the body and love the way it makes your skin feel.” The product works to the desires of your skin and its natural processes – offering great nutrients to aid renewal. As Dr. Don reiterates belief is extremely important! Our formulators have made it easy, so let the application perform the work and simply allow yourself to just use the system. Positive attitude is key; but the Ultimate Body Applicator is not solely spiritual, rather it translates into physiology as well. Optimism, minimal stress levels, and positivity help to prevent the acidification of the body and foster an alkaline body aligned for a “garden of health.”

It Really Does Work!

Filled with essential vitamins for the skin, the applicator ingredients gives the body what it wants and needs to stay healthy. As the largest organ system of the body, it is crucial to properly nourish the skin.
In order to obtain 100 percent benefit of the product and allow the nutrients to work in their entirety, it is recommended not to use the applicator more than every 72 hours.

Recall that the aim of the applicator is to tone, firm, and tighten the skin. Share the results of the Ultimate Body Applicator, increase confidence, and as Dr. Don encourages, “Become a product of a product.”

How Often Can I Use It?

We recommend once every 72 hours.  The applicator ingredients will be working for up to 72 hours so results can be progressive.

How Long Should I Leave the Applicator On?

The recommended time is 45 minutes so I recommend sticking to that to test the sensitivity of your skin.  I have heard of people wearing it for a day, but you just need 45 minutes.

Can I Sleep in It?

Yes. Many people get great results this way.

Can I Use More Than One at a Time?

I recommend sticking to one area at a time and one applicator at a time.    The only exception would be legs and arms.  You can wrap those at the same time to achieve symmetrical results.

What Size is It?

The applicator is 11×21.5 inches.

How Does the It Works Body Applicator Wraps Work?How Does the It Works! Body Applicator Wraps Work?

How Does the It Works Body Applicator Wraps Work?

How Much Water Should I Drink?

Staying hydrated is so important to successful results so we recommend drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water.  So if you weigh 150lbs, drink 75 ounces of water each day.

Should I Drink that Much Water While I Have the Wrap On?

NO.  You will be bloated and have to pee all night.  Most wrap parties happen in the evening.  Drink about 16 or so ounces (a water bottle) while you are wrapping and then the next 3 days is when you want to drink the recommended amount of water each day. (Half your body weight in ounces)



Do the Wraps Expire?

The applicator has a one year shelf life.  Do not store it long term in the heat or extreme cold.  Once the sealed pouch is opened it must be used immediately.  The wrap should be moist when you apply it.

I Have a Medical Issue, Can I Use It?

Please print out a list of the ingredients and consult with your physician before use.

What Countries Are the Applicators Sold In?

We are currently offering the business opportunity in the follow countries:

How Does the It Works! Body Applicator Wraps Work

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How Does the It Works Body Applicator Wraps Work?

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How Does the It Works Body Applicator Wraps Work