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We’re bringing BOGO back just in time for the holidays! ???

Get in #CyberMonday shopping mode because we’ve got some AMAZING deals for you!

Need some more Wraps? There’s a BOGO for that! Check out our website and your eSuite to see our other BOGO offers that are waiting for you!

*These buy one get one free deals are only available for the next 24 hours! Get them in your cart NOW before the time runs out! Ending at 11:59PM CT Monday 11/27!

It Works Black Friday Sale 2017

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There are several ongoing It Works promotions that are available.
When you sign up as a loyal customer, you can earn Perk Points that can be used to buy products – 1 perk point = $1.    The Perk Points Deal – 6 consecutive auto shipments earns you a $50 shopping spree and 12 consecutive months get you an additional $150 shopping spree!!
A couple other promotions to get wrap discounts is by signing up to be an It Works! distributor.  For only $99 you get a FREE box of wraps, 4 small Defining Gels, sample fab wrap, marketing materials and you own personal website.  

Special It Works System Pricing!  

$37 Savings!




  • 1 box Ultimate Body Applicator™ (4 Applications)
  • 1 box It Works! Cleanse™ 4 Bottles (4 fl oz)
  • 1 jar Greens™ Berry (4.5 oz)
  • 1 bottle Ultimate ThermoFit™ (60 tablets)
  • 1 It Works! Blender Bottle (22 oz)

Are you sick of making resolutions but never seeing results? Make this the year you experience “life-shaking” results when you WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT. with the It Works! System!

It’s a system so simple we can explain it in three words: WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT.


What’s more powerful than ONE of our amazing It Works! products? How about FOUR of our best products working together in a developed system to deliver even better results!

Get ready to experience “life-shaking” results with the It Works! System! It’s a system so simple we can explain it in three words: WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT.


  • Tighten, tone, and firm your body with That Crazy Wrap Thing™


  • Reset and rebalance your system with It Works! Cleanse while you remove “bad” foods from your diet and replace with healthy foods


  • Fire up your metabolism to burn more calories and boost energy with Ultimate ThermoFit and Greens Berry†
  • Shake it all up with the It Works! Blender Bottle—included FREE with your It Works! System! The It Works! Blender Bottle features a divided pill container for your Ultimate ThermoFit, two detachable containers for your two scoops of Greens Berry, and a Blender Ball to mix your Greens and water. You’ll be ready to WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT. wherever you go!

Membership in the It Works Loyal Customer Program is easy!

There are 2 ways to become an It Works Loyal Customer and get wholesale prices plus many other Member Benefits.

1 – Pay the $50 Membership Fee – OR

2 – Enroll FREE with Auto-Ship

It Works Loyal Customers save up to 40%!

Are you looking for a special deal?… It Works Body Wrap Loyal Customers SAVE up to 40% every day!  There’s no need for a sale or promotion or any of that nonsense.  You can save $40 off of each box of wraps!  Plus sign up with an auto ship and get the $50 membership FREE!

ItWorks rewards Loyal Customers by offering significant savings with wholesale pricing and Perks Points that earn you FREE Products!And, ItWorks Customers can save up to 40%!  This is the absolute best way to go if you want to get the wraps (or any other great ItWorks product over $50) and SAVE money.  




  • *Join our It Works loyal customer Program with Auto-Ship for a minimum of 3 consecutive months and you’ll have access to all your favorite products at wholesale price savings. You can save up to 40% off retail, depending on which products you purchase PLUS get the $50 life-time membership FREE.

  • *To get the free $50 Life-time IT Works Loyal Customer membership, you are only required to order one product each month for 3 months (your initial order plus 2 auto ships) and your order will be automatically send it out to you each month. 
  • *You can change your auto-shipment order or continue to receive the same order every month.  It’s easy to change your auto shipment order by contacting a customer service or online with your password.  You can change your order if you want to try a different product.  You’re only required to fulfill your minimum order of one item each month for 3 months (your initial order plus 2 auto ships).
  • *You can end your participation in the Auto Ship Program anytime after your third consecutive month on auto-ship by contacting our Customer Service Department or online with your password. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be charged the $50 membership fee if you cancel before fulfilling the three-ordere minimum of at least one product order per month.

ks Loyal Customer Program

Be a loyal customer for life! Even if you cancel your participation in the Auto Ship Program after the required 3 shipments, you will still receive wholesale pricing for LIFE!  You get the discounted price whenever you come back and place an order with us again – order any time you want at the discount price with no further commitments! 

We love our loyal customers!

Some of the benefits of our loyal customer program you receive FREE when you become Loyal Customer membership include:


*Wholesale pricing is available from your very first order. 40% off retail!!!

*Ability to monitor your account online. Access to edit orders and track shipping.

*Free membership to our Fit Works community.


Earn Free Shopping Sprees and shipping with Auto-Ship

*$50 product credit after your 6th month on autoship

*Additional $150 product credit after 12 months on autoship!!




As a loyal customer, you will be issued a client ID number and password where you can log in to the website and track or edit your order.  Your ID number will be emailed to you and the password you set up during the order process.

If you sign up with Auto-Ship, after the 3 consecutive month shipment obligation is complete you will always be able to order at the wholesale price without any future monthly commitments.  If a year passes and you want to order a box of applicators at the discont $59, then you can by simply logging in to your website or calling in the order.

*No minimum price or quantity restrictions per order. You simply must have at least one product in your monthly auto-ship order for three consecutive months (first order plus 2 more). If you cancel your Loyal Customer membership prior to fulfilling the three-month auto-ship minimum, you will be charged the $50 membership fee. It Works Loyal Customer Program.

Just add the products to your cart. When you check out click the green “enroll with auto-shipment” button or click the $50 membership option below it to start the Greens Challenge and you will get the Loyal Customer Discount!

You have 3 ordering choices.

1. Enroll FREE as a loyal customer with an autoship (must complete 3 months – which is first order plus 2 consecutive months after that)  

2. Enroll as a loyal customer with no autoship ($50 life-time membership fee)

3. Buy as a retail customer at higher price.

This picture details your choices and how to select each one on the checkout screen.unnamed

Join the Party!

Get Started for only $99

Includes a free box of wraps!

When you Become an It Works Independent Distributor you get all the benefits of the Loyal Customer option plus all the benefits of being able to share products with others and make money PLUS wrap yourself all you want with the exclusive Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap AKA that Crazy Wrap Thing!

It Works Join the Party

WHY It Works?   WHY Now?   WHY Our Team?

The It Works! Body Wrap is the sizzle product and is a Network Marketers Dream.  It delivers immediate and progressive results that last which gets people spreading the word!

It Works! Global’s product line is so much more than the wraps.  We are a lifestyle company that will change your life through better nutrition, health, fitness, helping people look younger and live longer.

Combine the product line with the company that built the correct way, leadership and ownership with family values, business and relationship integrity  and one that is truly debt free coupled with steady growth over the years and building to 650% growth to date in 2012 – we are just starting to show everyone what a successful network marketing company looks like.

Our TEAM has it ALL! We have systems and training already in place where you can working entirely online if you choose! Once you get signed up you will be invited to our exclusive online community for training, learning, and growth! You will have access to learn from the best in the business all on your own time at your own pace! Our team leadership has a proven success record for those who are ready to take control of their life and build a successful business!

It Works Distributor FAQ


HOW MUCH CAN I EARN as an It Works Distributor?

HOW MUCH CAN I EARN as an It Works Distributor?
Pay Disclosure

EARN 40%-50% on EVERYTHING you SELL!

When you Become an It Works Distributor, you have an amazing opportunity which provides a flexible and easy way to add income to your family budget! The incredible Compensation Plan offers a lucrative and viable option for anyone to become successful in a very short time just by sharing the Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps and other products and opportunity with everyone.  Our team can show you how to work your business 100% online.  There’s no need to have tons of inventory, just send people to your website and they can order directly from the company.

Keep a box or two of the Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps on hand for yourself and to wrap others and sell each Ultimate Body Applicator wrap for up to $35 each. Get some friends together for a Wrap Part and wrap each guest for some QUICK CASH plus sign up Loyal Customers and Distributors all in the party setting and start building your team and earning commissions from your team. Offer the Ultimate Body Applicator wrap and other products to Salons, Spas, Gyms, etc. to grow your organization even faster and wider. It Works is Global so you have the power to expand beyond your dreams! Learn More about Commissions!


As soon as you add your 1st Loyal Customer or Distributor to your team you start earning 10% commission plus an additional 5 commission enroller bonus (total of 15%) on all your 1st Level Loyal Customers and Distributors! Earn 10% on your 2nd Level Loyal Customers and Distributors! Keep sharing and adding people to your team and you can be making $200-$300 in less than a month if you are putting time in working the business! Check out our COMPENSATION PLAN!


  • Fast Start BONUS – As you grow your team, for each new Distributor you sign up, when that new Distributor gains two Loyal Customers in their first 30 days you get a $100 Fast Start Bonus! (must have qualified auto ship in first 30 days and 2 loyal customers)
  • Discount Wraps!  4 Ultimate Body Applicators (one box) for ONLY $25 – For every TWO Loyal Customers that sign up!





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