Watt max bicycle fitness test Calculator

For anyone who wish to measure fitness accurately, the Watt max bicycle fitness test Calculator test is one of the best.Watt max bicycle fitness test Calculator The test requires a reliable bicycle ergometer and it requires maximal bicycling effort from the person being tested. With these requirements fulfilled the test result will be very close to what can be measured with laboratory equipment.

 The Watt-max test is a maximal test conducted on a bicycle ergometer. It is one of the best indirect tests of VO2max available.

Watt max bicycle fitness test Calculator Instructions:
1. Start on a workload of 35 watt and increase with 35 watt every 2nd minute.
2. Continue untill the workload can no longe be maintained.
3. Note the highest workload reached and how many seconds you managed on this workload.




The energy cost for doing bicycling at any given workload is fairly consistent among different individuals. Therefore maximal oxygen consumption can be estiamted by measuring the highest workolad that can be performed under reasonable aerobic conditions.

A maximal cycle exercise protocol to predict maximal oxygen uptake.
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 Watt max bicycle fitness test Calculator


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