Coopers 12-min run Calculator How to Test

Coopers 12-min run Calculator is the classical running test for estimating aerobic fitness. Coopers 12-min run CalculatorRun as far as you can on a flat surface for 12 minutes.

Coopers 12-min run Calculator Instructions:
1. Warm up
2. Run as far as you can within 12 minutes. Should preferably be performed on a 400 m track.
3. Note how far you got and enter the distance, weight and gender in the calculator.


Coopers 12-min run Calculator Background:

The 12 min run test is also known as the Cooper test. It was developed in the sixties as an easy tool to estimate VO2max in soldiers.

The validity of this test is quite good if you are accustomed to running. For people not used to running it can be difficult to administer the speed from start to end and also peripheral discomfort in the legs can limit performance rather than circulatory capacity.

Correlation between field and treadmill testing as a means of assessing maximal oxygen intake.
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JAMA. 1968 Jan 15;203(3):201-4. Coopers 12-min run Calculator.

Coopers 12-min run Calculator

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