Transition Your Summer Workouts to Fall Workouts Tips

Transition Your Summer Workouts to Fall Workouts Tips

Summertime gets people motivated to work out, but Fall normally sees people slacking off on their workouts. Days get shorter, temperatures dip, and the leaves fall from the trees. Fall brings many changes, but that doesn't mean your fall workouts have to suffer. Instead of letting these autumn changes bring excuses for exercising, look for the opportunity in each of them to renew and revamp your fall workout routine.

Transition Your Summer Workouts to Fall Workouts Tips that work

It is important to make your workouts work with the season change rather than against it. So if you have a hard time staying motivated to work out in the Fall, for whatever reason, try one of these great Transition Your Summer Workouts to Fall Workouts Tips to help you stick to your health goals.

Change it up. No matter what the season, it's important to switch up your workouts. Don't let your body expect and adapt to the same mode of exercise. So, the change of seasons is an excellent time to "trick" the body and try some new twists to your workouts.   Listen for cues from your body to tell if it's time for a workout change up: are you bored, are your workouts inconsistent, are you not motivated?  If so, it's time to switch things up. If you've been running all summer long, try adding in some strength training. If your workouts are mainly cardio, try some new group classes instead or personal training sessions instead. You could also add in different kinds of workouts, like metabolic work or tabata workouts.

Fall parties. Fall kicks off parties involving heavier, comfort type food and drinks. So, you had a bit too much fun last night and you feel sluggish the day after. This is where you need to do a morning workout instead of waiting because you will have more energy in the morning, believe it or not, and you need the workout to help you have sustained energy all day long. Plus, if you had too much to drink, a morning workout can help you rid your body of those toxins. It won’t be easy- or pretty- but it is very beneficial. Just a 20 minute workout can set you up for success for the rest of the day.

Traveling for work. Many people see an upswing in travel for work in the Fall. If you are one of those, make sure your hotel has a gym, or pack a workout DVD and a yoga mat to take along. This will help you get in at least a small workout so that you don’t become stagnant while traveling for work. Also pack a good pair of walking shoes and get out and see the sights as you get on a great cardio workout.

Too much work or school.So, you had plans of working out at lunch but that got ruined, or you wanted to hit the gym right after work but you got stuck working late. What do you do? You workout at your desk, of course! There are many ways to workout while staying behind your desk. In just 10 minutes you can do a quick desk workout, and two sets of a solid routine can get you in a good 20 minute workout. It may not be much, but it’s better than nothing!


The cool weather has cooled your workout routine. If colder weather and shorter daylight hours cuts into your walking routine, join a gym for the winter months. Many gyms now offer discounts in the Fall, when memberships decline, and you can even find ones that will allow you to pay per the day. Do three one and a half hour workouts instead of walking every day. Or you can go to an indoor mall early in the morning and walk it before heading in to the office. Either way, don’t give up on cardio just because the weather has you feeling a bit colder. If you choose to keep your training outdoors, be mindful to drink water despite the cooler temps. Even if you're not sweating as much as you would be in the summer, you can still become dehydrated. Perspiration isn't the only way to lose body fluids. Huffing and puffing can cause loss of body fluids as well since we lose water and electrolytes through our breath.

Join a team or a club. Find an activity or sport you enjoy or maybe have always wanted to try and sign up for it. Whether it's a recreational volleyball team or a bowling league, a group will hold you accountable and keep you motivated to get out of the house and exercise when the colder weather might make you want to hibernate. Additionally, many running clubs often start training for a race in the fall.

Layer up. Make sure to check the forecast and dress appropriately. Wearing layers works great because you can shed them as you warm up. However, keep those layers handy; sweating in cooler temps can be dangerous. Your body temperature is more likely to fluctuate when exercising in cooler weather. Again, get advice from a runners' club about the best type of clothing and wind chill factors for outdoor activities in your area.

Transition Your Summer Workouts to Fall Workouts Tips

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