Estro-Rhythm - Support for Menopausal Symptoms

It Works All Natural Menopause Symptom Relief

Estro-Rhythm™ is the world's first naturally based, single-use daily system for menopausal symptoms. Its superior formulation uses natural ingredients to help you "get your rhythm back" without the worries associated with synthetic solutions. It Works All Natural Menopause Symptom Relief.

It Works All Natural Menopause Symptom Relief

  • The world’s first precise daily system of its kind
  • Helps relieve menopausal symptoms
  • Safe, effective, and naturally based
  • Simple, easy-to-use system

It Works All Natural Menopause Symptom Relief estro-rhythm

It Works All Natural Menopause Symptom Relief

Estro-Rhythm is a two-part daily solution that includes a supplement and conveniently pre-measured, daily balancing cream application for no mess and no guess.

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 It Works All Natural Menopause Symptom Relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It Works! Estro-Rhythm FAQ

Question: What age is recommended to start using the Estro-Rhythm System?
Answer: The Estro-Rhythm System is recommended for peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women. You can begin to use the system as soon as you see signs of peri-menopause which can begin as early as age 35.
Question: How do I begin to use the Estro-Rhythm System if I have started menopause?
Answer: If you have your menstrual cycle begin using day one, week one of the Estro-Rhythm Balancing Cream on the fourth day of your period and continue regular use going forward. If you seldom or no longer have your menstrual cycle, you may begin using Estro-Rhythm immediately, starting day one, week one of the balancing cream. For all women: Begin using Estro-Rhythm dietary supplement on the same day you begin using the Balancing Cream, and continue regular use going forward.
Question: What time of day should I take Estro-Rhythm?
Answer: The Estro-Rhythm Balancing Cream is day specific and best if used in the morning. The Balancing Cream should always be applied to a clean dry area of your skin where fatty tissue is present, such as the inner thigh, stomach or upper arm. Apply in about a four inch square area. Take two supplements daily. Both can be taken together or one in the morning and one in the evening.
Question: Since this is a 28 day system, what do I do on days 29, 30 & 31?
Answer: It is recommended that you place a second order along with the first or within two weeks of ordering your first supply. On day 29 you begin again with the day that proceeds where you last left off.
Question: Why are there 60 supplements instead of 56 Estro Rhythm?
Answer: These are bonus supplements. They can be used if you need additional supplements to help alleviate symptoms. Some women may use them during the third week. A third supplement can be added as needed.
Question: What should I do if I miss a day?
Answer: Just begin with the daily dosage you missed and go forward from there.
Question: How soon should I begin seeing results?
Answer: You can expect to see results almost immediately, although it could take up to one month or more.
Question: How do you use the Estro-Rhythm system with our Skin Care Line?
Answer: There is no reason for the Estro-Rhythm System to interfere with our current skin care line, however, you will want to be certain to clean and dry the skin before applying the cream.
Question: What can I expect if I stop using the Estro-Rhythm System?
Answer: You will have no negative side effects, although your body will revert to the same condition it was in before you began on the Estro-Rhythm System.
Question: How does Estro-Rhythm compare to hormone replacement therapy in its effectiveness?
Answer: Estro-Rhythm is a low, individually dosed balancing product with a broad spectrum of wild yam bio-identical extract ingredients, black cohosh, and other scientifically based ingredients to provide the rhythm your body needs. For most women our bodies are striving for balance which Estro-Rhythm provides. Estro-Rhythm is not the higher hormone doses often found in hormone replacement therapy.


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It Works All Natural Menopause Symptom Relief