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I love being an It Works Distributor because I am proud to sell such unique, all-natural products that really do get results.  Because the It Works Product Line is so impressive and affordable, I get asked a lot about how to become an It Works Distributor.  So here is all the information you need to make that decision! And if you have any more questions or concerns, please Contact Me and I will be happy to help you!  

You too can earn money, make new friends and have fun working this business!!

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Hi!  My name in Joby and I started It Works! to help pay for my daughters college.  I was hoping for several hundred a month but it exceeded my expectations and within a year I was able to pay her entire 4-year bill!!  As an RN, I spent many hours a week at work or catching up on lost sleep.  Now I can work less and spend more time with my family while I am working from home - The best part?  FREEDOM!!  I can live anywhere I want and travel without having to worry about work schedules!!  

I would love to help you too.  It is hard work but what I love about it is that your hard work pays off - the more you work the better your business is!!   

I can give you the training, tools and customers that others cannot including how to be successful only using your phone.  You can fill out the contact form below for more information or if you are ready to start your own Adventure click the button below to Join Now

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Our $500 bonus is so straightforward you can draw it out on paper in less than 30 seconds. Here's your blueprint to out $500 PLUS a paycheck in your pocket.????

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How to Become an It Works Distributor - The Facts

In order to become an It Works Distributor there is a One-Time Enrollment Fee of $99. 

Become an It Works Distributor How to and FAQYou Get Your $99  Enrollment Kit which Includes:

  • A full box of It Works! Ultimate Body Applicators (4 Wraps to a box so in essence you are getting them FREE just for signing up). 
  • 4 small bottles of Defining gel
  • Fab Wrap sample
  • It Works Global Marketing Materials, Order Forms, Cards and Handouts.
  • An official It Works Tool Kit to keep all of your materials organized.
  • Your own Website (e-Store) and eSuite FREE for 30 Days ($20 per Month after) This is an optional fee but highly recommended for your business.


Once you pay the $99 there are no other required fees or cancellation fees. During sign up you are prompted to Set-Up your Personal $80 (or more) Autoship for Products for Yourself. These can be ANY Products you desire + you will love them all - BUT it is not required and can be skipped. You really can start this business for only $99  and start your own personal weight loss journey!!

You Can Start Earning Money your first month!

  • Plus 15% Commission on the Products of Your Customers (Retail or Loyal Customer)
  • Plus More and More Bonuses and Commissions as You Grow Your Business
  • With Every TWO Loyal Customers You Sign-Up, You Can Purchase a Box of Ultimate Body Applicators for $25 (less than half off!).  Use them for yourself or sell at Retail for a Profit!
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Become an It Works Distributor - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Minimum Amount of Product I need to purchase each month to receive my Commissions?

Yes and No.  You are going to want to set up and run your first auto shipment.  This is not required but does 2 important things for your business.  

  1. Gives you products to try
  2. It sets you up to be Fast Start Qualified when you sign your first 2 customers in your first 30 days.  

After your first month, if the Loyal Customers Signed-Up under you total 150 in Product Volume, you are Commission Qualified and do not need an auto shipment to be paid for that month.  If not, you need to have a Personal 80 Bonus volume Order to receive your commissions.  

What is Fast Start Qualified?

To be Fast Start Qualified basically means you are qualified for a $100 bonus for every It Works Distributor you sign that also gets Fast Start Qualified.  All you have to do to be qualified is sign 2 Loyal Customers in your first 30 days and run your first auto shipment.  The Fast Start Bonuses are paid out weekly and can add up fast!!

Do I have to keep an overhead of It Works Products on hand to sell?

No - of course not!  This is YOUR business to run it as you see fit.  If you have a salon or storefront, you may want to keep Products on hand to sell at Retail, but it is totally not mandatory.

Do I Need to Pay the $20 per Month for my Personal Website and eSuite each Month to get my Commissions?

No.  However you will want to pay this minimal fee each month to take advantage of your Website and eSuite to make ordering easier plus have online access to ALL the tools you need for your business.

Do I Have to Do Parties when I become an It Works Distributor?

No.  This is YOUR business and you the ways you can earn money are limitless.  I do all of my sales online through my website and social media.  But many of my Distributors shine at doing At-Home Parties and/or Trade Shows.  And some of my Distributors use them as part of their Nutritional, Massage or Beauty Practices.  You do what works for YOU!

Since this is an MLM, Do I Need to Build My Downline in Order to Make Money when I become an It Works Distributor?

No.  The It Works Compensation Plan is so versatile, you can build your business however you want and still make lots of money.  If you choose to build a Downline (Team of Distributors under you) there are lots of bonuses and opportunities.  However, if you want to only build a line of Loyal Customers under you, you can still earn LOTS of money.  As a matter of fact, once you get to 60 Loyal Customers plus 3000 in Product Volume, you get a $600 CAR Bonus on TOP of your commissions EACH MONTH you hit that goal!

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Monogram at Home Gift Shop – 25% off with coupon code: LAUNCH