Why Should You Join Color Street and Become a Color Street Stylist?

Ever think to yourself, "If only I could find a company when it first starts and not 2, 3, or 4 years down the line?" Well THIS is it! Color Street launched in June 2017!!!  This is an incredible chance to get in on the ground floor.

If you are looking to join Color Street and become a Color Street Stylist - You have come to the right place! I’m so happy that you’re here! Why? Because you have what it takes to become a Stylist with our team! You have taken the right steps to be here and get started creating your business and your future! You will benefit from our amazing team helping you build your team and your business! I have a great team of Color Street Stylists and my ultimate goal is to help you succeed. 

Color Street is 100% real nail polish strips that come in all sorts of colors and styles that go on fast and easy with no heat and no special tools.  Best of all they last up to 14 days and are easy to remove with nail polish remover!!

Color Street is a creative beauty brand with limitless possibilities. Their innovative real polish nail strips have taken the industry by storm offering a fast and beautiful look for women and girls of all ages. From solids to glitters to manicures and designs, Color Street nail polish strips are quickly becoming one of the most loved products in the industry. Color Street’s super fun Nail Bar Parties and generous Stylist Compensation Plan are helping to make this globally patented technology a leader in the industry. 

I've been having a blast so far and the support from home office and my team has been AMAZING! I am loving the opportunity to help mold this new company into an amazing one! We have 2 starter kits to choose from that come with everything you need to start this amazing business - kits start at just $129 and comes with 10 full nail strips sets plus 72 additional sample packs!

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Be Your Own Boss

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Color Street has a great compensation program.  You will earn at least 25% on all your sales!!  

You can join the Color Street Ground Floor Business Opportunity by purchasing one of the Starter Kits which has everything you need to begin building your Color Street business. You will begin earning a 25% base retail commission off of all of your sales with up to a 10% Enhanced Retail Commission as you grow. You can even choose to go on to build a team to make even more! Color Street offers new Stylists a Jump Start Rewards Program here you have the opportunity to earn products to supplement your kit, to use or sell, PLUS sales aids and even cash for working this program.

Don't want to carry stock to sell?  No problem!!  Your personalized Color Street site is $10/month. If someone orders off the site, Color Street takes care of all the shipping and you just get a n instant commission deposit into your account the following Thursday. Then, the person is added into your contacts list in your account so that you can follow up with them.  All you have to do is get you website address out to friends, family and social media.

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With Color Street, 
You are in Business for Yourself, not by Yourself.

There are 2 Join options below starting at only $129.  Color Street is truly a ground floor opportunity and you don’t need any special skills, prior experience, or extensive training. Color Street has an outstanding Jump Start Rewards Program AND enrollees can even earn a 100% match when their personal enrollees meet their Jump Start Goals! There are many different ways to make income with Color Street. There’s no need to be overwhelmed – we’ll work together to get you started with your Grand Opening Nail Bar and go from there.


Basic Starter Kit - $129 ($250+ Value)

Includes all the basics you need to become an Independent Stylist and start ordering client product:

  • 10 Full sets of nail strips
  • 1 French, 2 Solid, 2 Glitter, 5 Design,
  • 72 Testers
  • 40 remover pads (2 boxes)
  • 100 Prep Pads (1 box)
  • 2 Large Nail Files
  • 2 Nail Buffers
  • 60 Mini Files
  • 50 Cuticle Sticks
  • Tote bag
  • Catalogs, Road to Success, Other Training Tools & Order Forms

Why Become a Stylist?

Anyone can become a Color Street Independent Stylist. It doesn’t require special skills, prior experience, or extensive training. Our “nail fashion” is easy to demonstrate and fun to sell! If you’re inspired by our story of perseverance and creativity, if you have a passion for fashion, if you’d like to be your own boss, and if you love having fun, we welcome you! As an Independent Stylist, how much will you earn with is up to you. With patience, persistence, and passion you can create wealth that keeps growing, year after year.

We at Color Street are proud to offer this opportunity and are committed to the success and happiness of all who become a part of our team.

Benefits of Color Street Nail Strips:

  1. NO DRY TIME! Our nail strips apply in a pliable, smudge-proof state… no more waiting for your nails to dry!
  2. 100% NAIL POLISH: Our strips are made of 100% nail polish! They are not vinyl stickers.
  3. EASY TO APPLY: Our nail strips are applied easily without tools! 
  4. EASILY REMOVABLE: Our strips are easily removable with nail polish! 
  5. LONG LASTING: Our nail polish strips can last up to 14 days! 
  6. PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: We hold globally patented technology for our nail polish strips! 

Benefits of Becoming a Color Street Stylist:

  1. BASE COMMISSIONS: Earn a base commission of 25% on all sales as soon as you become a Stylist. By meeting some additional sales levels each month, you can earn an enhanced commission rate of up 35%! 
  2. TEAM COMMISSIONS: Once you start to build a team, you can begin to earn rich commissions on team sales provided you and your team members are bonus qualified.
  3. BECOME A LEADER: As you build long-lasting relationships with your customers and your team members, you will cultivate a leadership network for your business.
  4. SET YOUR SCHEDULE: Work the hours that you choose to work. Tailor your business hours to fit your schedule and to provide flexibility with your family time.
Color street Compensation Plan

Deluxe Showcase Kit - $299 ($600+ Value)

Includes everything you need to become an Independent Stylist and start selling immediately:

  • 25 Full sets of nail strips
  • 4 French, 5 Solid, 4 Glitter, 12 Design
  • 200 Testers
  • 80 remover pads (4 boxes)
  • 200 Prep Pads (2 boxes)
  • 4 Large Nail Files
  • 4 Nail Buffers
  • 120 Mini Files
  • 100 Cuticle Sticks
  • Tote bag
  • Catalogs, Road to Success, Other Training Tools & Order Forms


Color Street Nail Art Nail Polish Strips

Nail Art - Buy 3 get 1 FREE

 color street nail polish strips glitter nails

Glitter Nails - Buy 3 get 1 FREE

 Color Street Nail Art Nail Polish Strips french tip

French Tip - Buy 1 get 1 FREE